Michael T. Caistor Principal Architect



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Michael T. Caistor is an American architect, land planner, engineer, scientist, inventor, product designer and developer. He first studied engineering sciences at the University of Maryland near Washington, DC. He then moved back and received his bachelor degrees in Environmental Science (cum laude) and Landscape Architecture from the S.U.N.Y. College of Environmental Science and Forestry and Syracuse University in 1981. His thesis was later realized as the OnRail transit system.

He then moved to Florida where he worked as a landscape architect for Tindell Associates near Ft. Lauderdale. He later formed Land Architects in Boca Raton practicing as a licensed Landscape Architect and land planner. With an interest in real estate development he also worked with Versatile Investment Properties as a construction superintendant, sales associate and scouting real estate projects .During this time he also earned a Florida General Contractor's license. He was approved by the state to sit for the Engineer in Training exam. In the late 1980's he attended Florida International University in Miami and received a Bachelor's of Science in Architectural Technology degree summa cum laude in 1991. Simultaneously, he received an MBA in Real Estate Development summa cum laude from Southeastern University in 1991.

Hearing the call: "Go West Young Man" he was then accepted to the Doctorate Program in Product Design and Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. He stopped in Denver and instead stayed to become an inventor and later a licensed architect. In the late 1990's he attended the University of Colorado Masters of Architecture program with coursework in Industrial Design. He founded Architectural Innovators,inc. doing mostly award winning custom residential and medium sized commercial projects. He has been involved in a number of organizations and is a LEED Green associate (see Links). Mr. Caistor is also a real estate broker helping his clients find properties and investments. During this time he invented a structural insulated panel ( SIP) product based on robotics (which he built and programmed) and has constructed a full scale prototype building he uses as an office and shop. This product is available along with other related ventures for potential investors.