Modern Inspirations

Hybrid Traditional/Modern

Modern architecture employs freedom from traditional design to achieve more creativity. It's mantra is " form follows function". However, modern can also seem "stark" and can clash with traditional neighborhoods. A "Transitionary" style can blend the best of both worlds to achieve both creativity and fit.

The photos shown left are the work of the former Cottle, Graybeal and Yaw architects of Aspen. Their blending of modern and vernacular enables more interest yet still fits. The drawings on the right are the work of Architectural Innovators. The Boulder Solar home, top right, shows a similiar method with materials can fit a modern project to it's site. The Lake County mixed-use project, bottom right, shows a modern curvilinear form rooftop deck anchored by vernacular forms. The water tower also creates identity, especially for an entertaiment venue.